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ASTD E-learning Certified Courseware Certification by the American Society for Training and Development. Meets standards developed by e-learning experts, academics, instructional systems design practitioners, and learning industry leaders. DynEd's Business Solutions are all certified by ASTD Certification Institute.
The Turkish Ministry of National Education's Seal of Approval 2003 - First English and English for Success approved for all 9 Million students in grades 4 through 8. 2013 - First English, English for Success, and Placement Test approved for all 17 million students in grades 4 through 12. 2013 - Teacher Training Course approved for all English teachers.
French Ministry of Education's Seal of Approval - Reconnu d'intérêt pédagogique Confers recommendation to French educators. 2000 - Let's Go, 2003 - Let's Go, English For Success, New Dynamic English, The Lost Secret, English by the Numbers, Dynamic Business English, and Advanced Listening, 2008 - Hospitality English, 2009 - Teacher Training Course: A Brain-based Approach.
BESSIE Best Education Software Award (spring) for best retail software. These awards are granted by the Educational Software Preview Service for Educational Technology in San Diego, California. Leading educators judge titles submitted from around the world. 2003 - Let's Go, English For Success, and New Dynamic English, 2004 - Let's Go and English For Success.
EDDIE Educational Software Review Awards (fall) for outstanding educational software. 1997 - Let's Go, 1998 - Let's Go and New Dynamic English, 2003 - Let's Go, English For Success, and Advanced Listening, 2004 - Let's Go, English For Success, First English, and New Dynamic English.
Media & Methods Magazine Awards Portfolio This educational technology magazine reaches over 50,000 professionals and is dedicated to exemplary teaching practices and products for K - 12 schools. Judged by educators. 1998 - Let's Go
EdPress Distinguished Achievement Award Granted by the Association of Educational Publishers, a global trade association whose judges are professional writers, editors, educators. 2002 - Records Manager, and Clear Speech Works, 2003 - English For Success.
Technology & Learning Magazine Award of Excellence The magazine is read by over 80,000 educational technology professionals nationally. Judged by educators. 1996-1997 and 1998-1999 - Let's Go, 2003-2004 - First English and Advanced Listening, 2006 - Records Manager.
Technology & Learning Magazine Award of Excellence The program has been recognizing outstanding educational technology products for nearly three decades. With a solid reputation in the industry, the AOE recognizes both the best of the best and creative new offerings. 2010 - Teacher Training Course: A Brain-based Approach.
Codie Award Finalist Granted by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). Codie Awards showcase superior software; judged by professional peers. 2003 - English For Success.
California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse Exemplary and Desirable ratings given by instructional technology professionals for use with state curriculum. Evaluated by educators. 1997 - Let's Go, New Dynamic English, English by the Numbers, and Dynamic Classics.
Children's Software Revue The magazine's All Star Software list is an ongoing collection of highly recommended titles that is updated with each bimonthly issue. Evaluated by educators. 2003 - English for Success.
Japanese Multimedia Grand Prix & Ministry of International Trade & Industry - Multimedia Content Association of Japan & Ministry of International Trade & Industry award Judged by digital media professionals.