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Cambia Lingua
DynEd Europe


Features Dyned Europe Computer Assisted Language Learning Companies Traditional English Education Companies Local English Education Companies
Brain Based Theory of Language Learning x x x
Cognitive Neuroscientific Approach to Language Learning x x x
Recursive Hierarchical Recognition x x x
Language Learning as a Skill x x
Iconic Visual Input ? ? x
Artificial Intelligence Student Monitoring System x x x
Tracking Behavioral Learning Patterns of Students x x x
Tracking Online and Offline Study x x x
Continuous Analysis of Language Acquisition x x x
Automated Study Habit Improvement Advice x x x
Numerical Evaluation of Efficiency of Learning x x x
Tracking Time to Study and Testing x x
Patented Shuffler Technology x x x
Adjusting Difficulty Level for Each Student x x x
Adjusting Difficulty Level for Each Learning Step x x x
Least Time to Reach Target Level Highest Efficiency x x x
Times Faster than Traditional Methods3 - x x
2 Times Faster than other CALL Companies x - -
Computer-adaptive & Variable Length Skill Assessment ? x x
Skill Adaptive Assessment x x x
General Placement Test ? x x
Kids Placement Test x x x
Aviation Placement Test x x x
Proprietary Oral Fluency Test x x x
Mastery Tests for Ongoing Assessment x x
Use of Latest Technology x x
World's First Ever Language Learning CD-ROM in 1987 x x x
Advanced Speech Recognition System for Personal Feedback ? x x
Web-based Password Protection ? x x
Largest Content Range x x
All Levels of English ? x
Age Appropriate for All Ages ? x
10+ Different Types of Courses x ? x
Academic Language Content for Schools x ?
Specialty Courses for Professional Focus ? ? ?
Blended Learning ? x ?
E-Learning for Personal Practice x x
Teacher Support for Personalization & Extension ?
Minimum Classroom Time Required x x
Free Tech Support ? x x
Europe-based Training and Support Headquarters ? ? x
Free and Automatic Updating for All Courses/Students x x x
Free Teacher Training x x x
Teacher Training Software x x x
Online Teacher Guides ? x x
Globally Recognized Standards ? ? x
40+ Global Awards x x x
Licensed Leading Content (BBC, Oxford, Standford, Etc.) ? ? x
Monthly Payment versus Upfront Payment x ? ?