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DynEd Europe

The DynEd English Language Learning Solution

The DynEd English Language Learning Solution Our mission is to help students develop the English language skills they need to succeed. DynEd's Recursive Hierarchical Recognition (RHR) is the only language learning solution that follows a brain-based theory of language acquisition to teach English. The learning theory used by DynEd since 1987 is supported by neuroscience research. RHR provides a unique framework for blended learning that optimizes the use of technology. DynEd specializes in English. It has by far the largest range of content available for English language learning, and has fifteen different titles, each specifically prepared for a certain age group, language level and type of language needed. The DynEd Solution is a blended language learning system combining the best features of traditional learning and contemporary multimedia technology. Students benefit from teacher-led studies followed by computer-based self-study work - either online or offline - all designed to optimize the learning process. DynEd's artificial intelligence monitoring software places the students at the appropriate levels and adjusts the difficulty levels of each learning step for each student. The software also tracks behavioral learning patterns of students, evaluates student progress with automatic written feedback, and provides a numerical efficiency value (Study Score) for individual and class performance.

The DynEd English Language Learning Solution The DynEd Advantage
The DynEd Solution is the most efficient way of learning the English language. It increases learning efficiency and thus cuts the time to increase language proficiency by at least 3 times compared to traditional methods, and by at least 2 times compared to other computer assisted language learning programs. DynEd has computer-adaptive and variable length skill assessment. There are separate placement tests for grown-ups, aviation experts and kids. Proprietary oral fluency tests and mastery tests for ongoing assesment are additional strengths. DynEd offers free tech support from Europe-based headquarters and has free and automatic updating for all courses and students. The comprehensive teacher training software, support tools, manuals and on line teacher guides are all free of charge.

  • DynEd's research-based, technology-assisted solutions develop all four language skills and represent a major advance in English language teaching.
  • Listening is the first of the four skills that the brain develops when learning a language. Speaking is the next skill to develop, and needs to be practiced frequently along with listening.
  • DynEd's courses use the most advanced Speech Recognition technology to help learner's gain vocal fluency.
  • Reading and writing follows the language base built by listening and speaking. They assume a language framework, and DynEd develops that framework.
  • Effective practice is the key to language learning. DynEd specializes in providing, monitoring, and directing language practice, both in and out of classroom.
  • There are significant differences between traditional, text-based approaches and the listening-based, visually supported design that is at the heart of all DynEd courses.
  • Materials designed for native speakers are not appropriate for non-native learners. DynEd specializes in non-native learners.

DynEd International, Inc.
DynEd International, Inc. was founded in 1987 in San Francisco. The company produced the world's first language-teaching CD-ROM and received a US patent for its innovative design. Since then, its many award- winning courses have made DynEd the leader in Computer Assisted Language Learning and have been successfully used by tens of millions of students all over the world. For further information please click here to go to the DynEd International, Inc. web site.