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Cambia Lingua
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Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities DynEd offers a full suite of courses for K-12 and University students. We provide educational institutions with the learning materials and training needed to offer quality cost-effective English language learning solutions to students at all proficiency levels.

Language is a skill, and acquiring a skill requires extensive repetition and practice time. Our fully-sequenced skills-based curriculum makes the most efficient use of precious teacher and classroom time, which are focused on introducing new material, student presentations, and coaching. Students stay engaged and on task during their computer-based self-study, assisted by DynEds Records Manager and Intelligent Tutor software, which adjust study pathways, and monitor, score, and provide constructive feedback on students work.

DynEds courseware has been approved by Ministries of Education in China, Turkey, France, Malaysia, and it is used daily by literally millions of students in schools around the world.

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